• Welcome to Morex

    Morex is a professionally-run, family managed business. It was initially promoted to serve Adhesive and Synthetic resin manufacturing small scale industries in eastern India by making available scarce imported raw material/special chemicals at competitive price and expanded to all India service by 1996.

  • What We Are

    We believe in growth through Innovation. Following this belief, we have pursued a strategy of import-substitution. Towards this objective, we have an In House R & D Center, which is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

  • About In House R & D Centre

    Morex Industries is proud owner of an In House R & D centre, recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India.This facility has been the core for development of various grades of resins after continuous efforts, helping us develop import substitutes and also newer processes which help in reducing process time.

  • Contact Us

    Morex Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    803, Ruby Crescent, Business Boulevard,

    Ashok Chakarvarthy Road, Ashok Nagar,

    Kandivali (E), Mumbai - 400 101, India.

    Telephone No: +91-22-28844144/45/46

    Email Id: info@morexindustries.com

  • General Polyester Resin Grades
    We manufacture a range of high quality, customized General Purpose polyester resins tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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    Clear Cast Resin
    This is a pre-accelerated clear resin. This resin is completely colorless and transparent. It is specially formulated for casting of clear statue.

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    Fill Cast Resin
    This grade of resin is specially developed for solid surface applications.It has clear colour and good UV resistance.

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    Special Gelcoats
    Special Gelcoats like Orthophthalic & Isophthalic Gelcoat - For General Purpose applications.

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    Anti Settling FR

    Standard Flame Retardant resins are commonly used to make composite products.

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    Capsule Resin
    This is a special resin with fast set time. It is used to make resin capsules for coal mines.

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