We provide the products listed below:

General Polyster Resin Grades-We manufacture a range of high quality, customized General Purpose polyester resins tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Special Gelcoats-We manufacture special gelcoats like Orthophthalic and Isophthalic Gelcoat,IS0-NPG Gelcoat,Anti Static Gelcoat,Acrylic Gelcoat and Pigmented Gelcoat.

Clear Cast Resin-This is a pre-accelerated clear resin. This resin is completely colorless and transparent.

Fill Cast Resin-This grade of resin is specially developed for solid surface applications. It has clear colour and good UV resistance.

Anti Settling FR-Standard Flame Retardant resins are commonly used to make composite products which are used in potential fire hazard environments.

Capsule Resin-This is a special resin with fast set time. It is used to make resin capsules for coal mines and tunneling applications.

Pigment Base Resin-This is a specially engineered resin for making polyester pigments.

Furniture Lamination Resin-This is a wood coating that gives an excellent glossy finish to furniture.It retains this finish for a long duration without yellowing.

More Kleen-More Kleen is a newly developed detergent which is absolutely safe & cleans the resin picked up in the brushes rollers and hands during the process of making FRP with as much efficiency as that of acetone.

FRP Rock Bolt-We manufacture FRP Rock Bolts in various sizes for tunneling applications.